Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ignorance is to Bliss as Marriage is to...?

"You know what, Mary?"
"What's that?"
"You're pretty smart."
"Thank you."
"You've got a high IQ, don't you?"
"Yeah. I could have joined Mensa when I was younger. I think it was either my PSAT or my ACT score that qualified me to join."
"I'd like to know my IQ. Maybe I should take a test to see if I would qualify."
"Um, honey... why would you want to do that?"
"What are you saying? You don't think I would qualify for Mensa?"
"I'm just saying I don't think you need a test to prove you're smart."
"Okay. I get it. What you are really saying is 'why take the test and know for sure that Mary has a higher IQ?', right? That's what this is about right? You think I'm better off not knowing than taking the test and proving I'm not as smart as you, eh?"
"Something like that."
"Thanks for the vote of confidence."
"No problem."

Sunday, February 24, 2008

She's Got It Going On!

Today Grace said to me "You know what Dad? Mom is righty tighty, lefty loosy... all morning, noon and night!"

Now what that means exactly I do not know. But there is no doubt that from the way she said it that this five year old thinks her mom is one righteous chick.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


On December 20th, 2007 we loaded up the minivan and moved to Springfield, Missouri; Ozark country. Since then each weekend has been filled up either with entertaining friends and family coming to see us in our new digs or our adventures taking the girls on field trips to explore our new community.

This past weekend we expanded our exploration of our new area when the family took a road trip to Branson, Missouri; an easy thirty minute drive from Springfield due south on I-65. For those unfamiliar with Branson, just think of Las Vegas... now make it family friendly and about 1/16th the size... now picture it located it in Southern Missouri... in the Ozarks. Did I mention we moved to the Ozarks? Sprinkle in a few family acts like the Haygoods (could you have a more family friendly sounding act?) the Oakridge Boys, Andy Williams, Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede, Shoji Tabuchi (whose lobby bathrooms are apparently "fabulous" and "not to be missed" attractions in and of themselves), Yakov Smirnoff and you've got Branson, Missouri.

Our main goal this day was really to get the girls out of the house for a few hours and maybe, just maybe tire them out enough so that they'd go to bed early. Maggie and I had been sick all week and Mary was now starting to catch what we had.

After spotting a billboard earlier in the week the girls asked if we could go to The Titanic Museum. And that's what we did.

It was a surprisingly fun museum. The girls loved getting to meet "Rose" as she strolled through the "ship" and seeing the vintage clothing and rescued items. After dipping our hands in the pool of 28 degree water we all agreed we'd be goners if we were cast into the sea on that fateful voyage. The museum guides handed out cards at the beginning of the tour with names and brief bios of actual passengers on the trip. At the end of the tour you find out if your person made it or not. All three girls and Mary had people who survived. Mine, a third class passenger, was not so fortunate. If you are in Branson and have the time I'd give a thumb's up to checking out the Titanic.

As we were leaving Mary promised the girls that if they were able to get buckled quickly we'd find some place to get a quick treat to eat. They did and off we went. As we drove down Main Street we decided to spend a few extra minutes to tour the town. This being my first visit to Branson, I was driving slowly so we could look around.

We passed the Hollywood Wax Museum, Celebration City, the Baldknobbers Theatre and Andy Williams place. Mary wanted to find some outlet stores so we took a detour off the main road.

As we drove down a side street Gracie commented from the back.

"Did we just pass OB/GYN?"

"What was that sweetie?" asked Mary from the front passenger seat.

"OB/GYN. Did we go past it."

"Um. What do you mean honey?"

Mary and I exchanged confused looks with one another. Neither of us had any idea where this comment came from or what it was related to. Why was our five year old asking about an OB/GYN?

Then Hannah piped up from the back, very matter-of-factly "She means TCBY."

Mary and I did our best not to burst out laughing. I'm fairly certain I have never heard anyone confuse TCBY with OB/GYN. Mary says I'm to stop here and not make any more comments. I think she fears that I might say something in bad taste.


Monday, February 18, 2008

Coming Back Soon

The move is over. The boxes are unpacked and we have the kids in somewhat of a regular routine. The material is there. Just need to start writing again. Which will be happening soon. Promise!