Sunday, May 21, 2006

A Celebration of Cake

I had delicious piece of cake today and I was reminded that I had written a post about cake back in January, but never uploaded it. Here it is... a few months later, yet still relevant I think....

This past week we celebrated my wife's birthday, were with our friends as their baby girl was baptized and attended the funeral of my brother-in-laws mother. Each event was a celebration of life.

One was a celebration of a life just beginning. One was a celebration of a life in progress. And one was a celebration of a life completed. The common link with these three celebrations? Aside from me and Mary? Cake. Cake was served at each function.

That isn't really surprising. Cake is often served at birthdays, baptisms and funerals. It got me thinking though... a serving of cake is really a symbolic way of celebrating life. We don't have cake every day, so does that mean we aren't celebrating life everyday? That seems wrong. I think we should celebrate life everyday. Life is too short to miss an opportunity to eat cake.

I've spent, oh, just about three minutes thinking of some suggestions for opportunities to serve cake and to celebrate life. There are really lots of opportunities. Here are a few:

At the Olympics. The Olympics are all about celebrating the world coming together right? And great athletic performances? Cake could be served at the medals ceremony. Two pieces of cake for each reason to celebrate.

After the Royals win a game. If they ever win again we'd all be celebrating wouldn't we? How about after they win everyone in attendance gets a piece of cake? I'd be more likely to attend and I think the players would play harder if they knew cake was on the line.

After completing taxes. No one likes the pain of filling out all that paperwork. Why not celebrate getting it done with a nice piece of cake.

There are lot's of everyday events we can celebrate and have cake:
  • When you get the car washed.
  • Getting a good report card.
  • Getting out of a speeding ticket.
  • Spring cleaning.
  • Finishing a long book.
  • Finishing a bad book.
  • Writing a book.
  • Getting hired.
  • Getting fired.
  • Giving birth to a child.
  • Not having to be the one who gives birth.
  • Finishing a post you started three months ago.
  • Not having to do laundry.
There are many opportunities to celebrate life each and every day.

I'm off to bed now to get some sleep, think about simple everyday events that I can celebrate and the next time I'm going to Costco to get one of their incredible sheet cakes.

So my point? Simple. Eat cake and celebrate life.

What are you going to celebrate?


dhduff said...

A big thanks to Lisa for not only reading this post, but responding by going to Costco this morning and getting a tasty carrot cake for our lunch with the new interns! Thanks Lisa!

Steve said...

I've substituted ice cream for cake. Maybe i should combine them... Ice cream's also good for all that ails ya - skinned your knee? Put some ice cream on it. Bad day at work? Put some ice cream on it...

dhduff said...

Hmmm... Ice cream vs. cake. I'd have to agree that putting ice cream on a skinned knee would probably have more/better healing powers than cake would.

If I had to choose I think I'd still go with cake over ice cream. Though, now you've got me rethinking the whole situation...Both are found at celebrations.... so perhaps what we really need is an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins. That would do it!

paul said...

What about pie? Or a good cobbler?