Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Now Taking Requests

Okay. Experiment time. You give me a title for a post. Any title. Just make one up, and I will write the post to go with it. Let's try to keep it clean and only three or four words to the title. Make it short and sweet and give me some room to be creative enough to make the post fit the title.

Any takers? I know there are a couple regular readers out there. C'mon, let's try it out.


Steve said...

Lost In Translation
Habitat For Humanity
Don't Wait
Dusk And Summer
A Time To Be So Small
We Are Going To Be Friends
For Today I Am A Boy

jenne said...

At least you don't have to shave anymore
My first arrest
I never want to play truth or dare again
Why firecrakers come with warning labels

Jeff Risley said...

Cool idea. Here's mine:

And then there was one.
Take your finger out of there!
I wish I was a rock star.
And then the judge said...

dhduff said...

oooh, there are some good ones here. I'm already formulating ideas. I'll promise to post at least one from each of these groups.

The request line is still open. Anyone else got a post title for me to work from?

Bring it on!

paul said...

There's no dignity in plastic
You can't fold a cat
Fuzzy shoulders
Her name was Lola. She was a showgirl.

kbd said...

Danny, Open the Door!
The Hole
Hello, Mrs. Fisher
Jumping Off the Roof
Going to the Bank for Pizza
Balks Aren't for Everyone
Fifth of Five: Under the Radar