Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Money does not equal leadership. Title does not equal leadership. Neither does birth order, gene pool, height, eye color, language, or shoe size.

Leadership comes from communication, vision and understanding how to work with others.

Just because an individual has a higher rank does not make them a leader. Just because they can hire and fire does not make them a leader. An individual who is a leader has the ability to lead. If people follow the vision, guidance and direction of an individual that makes them a leader.

A raise or promotion does not automatically equate to having leadership skills. Some of the greatest leaders have come from the lower rank and file amongst workers and society. They have vision. They have passion. They have empathy. They take risks because they have beliefs. They want more than money or power. They see a greater good. They stand for something.

A leader cares about others.


paul said...

Well put.

EB said...

What brought this on?

EB said...

What brought this on?

dhduff said...

What brought this on?

Just thinking about some people I know who think they are leaders. It got me going. Sometimes that happens.