Saturday, March 18, 2006

Home School For Hannah

Mary got a call from Hannah's school yesterday. The director of the Montesorri program wanted to check in with us to see if Hannah was going to be attending the summer session. We had planned on her attending and had filled out the paper work already. We thought we had submitted it earlier in the week to save a spot.

When Mary told the director of our plans she said "I thought you were planning on it, but Hannah told her teacher that she wasn't going to be coming back. She said that 'Mommy is going to home school me from now on.'"

That came as a bit of a surprise to the director. It was a surprise for me too.

Apparently Hannah had it all figured out and shared her plan with her teacher. "Mommy is going to get fired from her job and I am going to get kicked out of school. That way Mommy and I will be together so she can home school me."

I think Mary and Hannah might need to find some time to talk about this.

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