Sunday, April 30, 2006

Helmets & Goggles

On Thursday I received a phone call from a person who we had hired. She was calling to let me know that she would not be starting on Monday. In fact she was not going to be coming to work at all. Her current employer made a counter offer and she decided that it was too good an offer/opportunity to pass up. It was a surprise to hear, not for the counter offer, but for the fact that she shared with us that one of the reasons she was looking to come to work for us was because her fiancee was here in town. She is currently in another city. It seemed to be a good fit all around.

I'm disappointed. Not for the fact that she is not coming to join us. Not for the fact that her company counter offered. I cannot blame anyone for making a decision based on facts that I do not fully understand. She has to do what she feels is best for her. You have to respect that.

I am disappointed because we had waited four weeks for her to start at our agency. I wish she had made this decision sooner and let us know so we could move on. Instead we were in limbo for four weeks and now have to start the interview process again.

Sam pointed out that it is better to have this information now before she started, than to have her make a decision a day, week or month into the job. Okay. I can see that. He's been through this far more often than I. I often wonder how an owner of a business does it. I think I have an idea.

At a former job there was a saying for the pace of work. We didn't have a lot of internal help, yet had a huge workload to tackle. The VP of Marketing told me that they way to survive was all about "helmets and goggles". Just put them on and keep on truckin'.

So, with that I am mentally putting on my helmet and goggles and getting ready to keep moving forward. Onward and upward.


Sam Meers said...

Other accessories may include a Kelvar Flak Jacket, night vision goggles and a hand held GPS from Garmin.

Steve said...

Unfortunately for her she'll learn the hard way that she won't gain more respect for staying. Quite actually the opposite - she'll be unhappy in a few months when the allure of extra money wears off and she's stuck in her same job situation, more is expected of her, and co-workers resent her for wanting to leave then staying. Whether she knows it or not, she's now at her 2nd choice. Pull up your boots...

jenne said...

This really does stink. Research shows she'll leave her current job anyway in about 6 months.

You're right, the 4 weeks is the worst part of it.

dhduff said...

I'm over it already. By the way if anyone knows someone looking for an account management job at a really fun, hip, totally emotionally intelligent, up and coming advertising agency... well, just send them my way please!