Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Gadzooks! It's The MIT Massive Vortex Generator!

Have you seen an Airzooka? The manufacture describes it as "a fun gun that launches harmless rings of air up to 40 feet. You will be amazed when you are able to mess up a persons hair or knock down targets from over 40 feet away. Requiring no batteries, and shoots air, you will never run out of ammo. Because it shoots air, it is safe at any distance." The technical name for an Airzooka is actually a vortex generator. I got a bit geeked out learning that.

I'm thinking someone should build a huge Airzooka and takes it out at half time of college football games. It could be rolled up and down the sidelines blasting massive rings of air into the stands. Add a little theatrical smoke and you could have some giant smoke rings from it too. Tired of the half time band? Just turn the Massive Airzooka on em! The only band members left standing would be the tuba players.

I'm actually quite surprised that a school with an engineering program hasn't done this yet. The question should be which school will be the first? MIT, RPI, Purdue, Stanford, U of Illinois, UC Berkley?


Laura said...

hi from a fellow former hotdogger,

i randomly found your site while googling "wienermobile" and i enjoyed your Jon Stewart post. For a while, I thought you were making it up, because I know we don't let other people drive the Wienermobile. But I guess I have found the specific reason why we don't do that. And I later realized you were Hotdogger VII so I'm sure you guys didn't have a lot of rules established then and I also saw your pictures. Cool stuff!

Franks for bringing up some good memories!!!

Lil' Smokey Laura
Hotdogger XVIII

dhduff said...

I'm sure there are a few more rules in place now that previous years may have made necessary! Even so, we did get prior approval to let him drive the dog. Oh, well. Makes a fun story now.

"Lil' Smokey" eh? I love the nicknames that Hotdoggers get. My co-Hotdogger was better known as "Jeanne Weenie" while somehow, somewhere, someone tagged me with "Grand Dan The Wienerman". I even have a hat with that stiched on it.

Good times!