Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Let The Tooth Be Polled

In my quest to find out how many crazy parents are giving an exorbitant amount of cashola to their kiddos for a lost tooth I came across this poll on I know there are caveats galore with this type of polling, but I thought it worthwhile to check out and see how people with online access, that know of and have found this poll on the site through a specific search (I entered "tooth" in the site search box) answered the question of how much the tooth fairy leaves their kids. The responses here, so far, indicate that most are giving a dollar or less. Therefore I must conclude that the people who are giving twenty dollars, such as our favorite top dad, must not have internet access and/or have thought to seek out and answer a poll like this. Either that or everyone who has answered is lying through their twenty dollar teeth.


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