Friday, March 16, 2007

Submit Your Own Caption

One of the girls put these two figures together on top of their Fischer Price Ocean Club playhouse. I wonder what conversation they imagined them having. Looks like a confrontation to me. What do you think they might be talking about or saying to each other?



Dustin said...

looks like a scene from a TV show, ala Desperate Housewives or a soap opera.

something along the line of "You better keep your hands off my man" seems appropriate

Jeff Risley said...

"Don't be nervous...I know it's your first time...I promise we won't get caught...the kids are upstairs and my husband is at work..."

Sometimes I think I'm still a sophomore in high school.

dhduff said...

Jeff, I agree with your statement. Still funny though.

How about these:

"This move is called the elbow lift. Just doing this thirty times an hour will significantly reduce your chances of getting that nasty under arm flab."


"Step of b****! I saw that Polly Pocket Purple Passion Cruiser first! If you want to look like the ultimate star you'll have to find another ride. This Fashion Cruiser is just perfect for me. With a secret salon that can pop from the trunk, I can dress up my look with just the right funk! And with super cool wheels, all the right clothes and me behind the wheel I'll be sure to turn heads wherever I go! You on the other hand should get a moped."


"Remember that scene from A Christmas Story when the kid couldn't put his arms down? That was hilarious!"

Jenne said...

Does this potty chair make me look fat?