Monday, March 05, 2007

Quick Logo Design Project

Rod emailed me last Thursday asking if I could put together a logo for his son/my nephew/my godson's Chess Club. How could I refuse? The school mascot is a viking, though the club is not officially sponsored by the school - which allowed for a little creative freedom to play around with some viking related ideas.

Here's the logo I did over the weekend. Had to dig out an old copy of Illustrator and load it up on an old G4 tower in classic mode to use it. It was my first logo design since college. And yes, I used pencil and paper first. I may have a computer, but I never start a design/painting/illustration on the computer. I'm old school, baby. I think it turned out okay.



Sam Meers said...

Not bad. At least you didn't do it in PowerPoint!

dhduff said...

No PowerPoint this time. But I might use it next time. If it's good enough for David Byrne, it's good enough for me:

Gram said...

Looks like you were rooked into this job by your bro. Hope he will send you a check, mate.

Boreal Paddler said...

Just a comment en passant: The shirts with the logo should come in tomorrow. Just in time for the Wisconsin State Scholastic Chess Championships. You rock Dan.