Thursday, March 29, 2007


A mind wanders seeking purchase.

Eventually, taking pause, it admits to no one but itself that it cannot complete the task it has set for itself.

For the mind knows the paradox that exists in needing to take a journey into the unknown to reveal what is needed.

And yet it desperately chooses, again and again, to leap from the safety of past knowledge, fully exposed, into the unknowable emptiness of new experience to find that which it does not know.

And then, upon emerging different, changed and new the mind sets about again to wander. To seek purchase of that which was not there before; knowing all along that which is sought is cannot be found. It can only be created melding new with old to create new.

It is the only way to grow. To learn. To create. To be.

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Gram said...

I love to read of the mind at work!!