Monday, February 06, 2006


It started out as a conversation about which girl likes mint. One does. One does not.

Then Hannah, who doesn't like mint, asked for me to remind her what flavor she does like. "Butterscotch" I said. "You like butterscotch, and so do I."

And then I told her about how my dad would give me butterscotch candies as a treat. When I was young my dad would leave a butterscotch candy on the corner of my dresser. He'd make sure to leave it there before he headed to work each morning. I'd wake up and check to see if he'd been there already and usually I'd find a piece of candy waiting for me. It became our morning routine.

A butterscotch on my dresser was a way in which my dad and I bonded. It was one way in which he communicated his love.

After I told Hannah that story she suggested that it would be very nice if I started to do that with her too. So, I'm out the door right now to go to the store to buy a bag of butterscotch candies so we can start our own tradition.

I'll get a bag of mints for Gracie too.


jenne said...

I love this.

dhduff said...

Me too. We had a butterscotch together today. :)