Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I Am Still An Idiot

Mary started it.

"I would go on one of those extreme make over shows" she said.


"Heck yeah, it would be great. I would get all this work done for free. All you have to do it agree to be on TV. What woman with two kids wouldn't want to get her boobs lifted? Maybe a little work done on the thighs, you know, a little nip here and little tuck there?"

To which I said "But what would they do with your face?"

I meant it as a compliment. It came out all wrong. Very wrong.


jenne said...

wow. Rookie mistake. You hate to see that happen to a seasoned player!

dhduff said...

Like I said... I am STILL and idiot. You'd think that someone who works in account service would be better. At home I seem to forget how to think before I speak!