Monday, September 18, 2006

Free Business Opportunity Idea

I have lots of ideas. Lots. And quite a few are for new business opportunities. I know that there is no way I'll ever implement some of these, so instead of just letting them sit in the back of my head collecting dust, I've decided to share them. I am sharing them with anyone who will put these ideas into action. All I ask is that if you end up using one of these ideas and have any success, that you simply send me 1% of the gross revenue and give 1% of gross revenue to a charity. Hey... I gotta make a living somehow right? The charity can be anyone of your choosing. In the interest of all I'd like to know which one you choose. Deal? Okay, here's my first of many free new business ideas:

Name: Funny Gram's

Concept: Singing telegram's delivered by retired Grannies.

I got the idea while traveling back to Kansas City from Chicago via Amtrak. While sitting in the viewing car I did some people watching and noticed a group of what I could only describe as cute, little, old granny types, sitting at a table playing cards. It dawned on me that as Baby Boomers get older, more and more will be hitting retirement age and might like a fun way to earn a little "mad money". All they need is to have reliable transportation to get to assignments on time and be willing to sing a song that would be written for the occasion. They could do it how ever they wanted. The more creative grannies would of course earn bigger tips. Wouldn't that be a hoot?

All orders could be taken via web site and then farmed out to various grannies who have signed up throughout the U.S. Heck, this could be global!

So, there you have it. A business idea cooked up on the train in about three minutes.

Let me know if you give it a shot!


Anonymous said...

Can you imagine Baba doing that? -Louise

paul said...

I used to have a theory about old creative directors as well. Seems like you never see any creative directors still working into their '50s. My theory was that there was some uncharted island in the South Pacific where old creative directors went when they got washed up, pun intended. Once there, they could check into their little hut and begin playing shuffle board and canasta with the rest of the population. Share war stories about the one that got away and what not.

Anyway, this granny gram idea seems like it could have some legs. You think it could work for old CDs?

I hear we're good with jingles.

dhduff said...

Well... you know what they say about old Creative Directors don't you? Me neither... I need a copywriter to put it in words for me.

I'll have to think about a business that taps retired CD's... maybe something involving making candles out of old crayons or something along those lines. hmmm...

kbd said...

I think the saying is, "Washed up [fill in your professional of choice] don't die, they just wade away."