Sunday, September 24, 2006

Smash Therapy

I've been thinking about this one for several years now. It's solid and given the right location could be a money maker.

Name: Smash Therapy

Concept: A place where you can go and break stuff

Holden Caulfield inspired this idea. He smashed out the windows in the family garage the night his brother died. Peter Finch did too with the scene in Network when he announced on a broad cast "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore" and then promptly urging everyone to toss their TV sets out the window. Heck, David Lettermen does it all the time when he drops stuff off the side of the Ed Sullivan Theatre.

Whether you're frustrated, angry, want to vent or just like to break stuff Smash Therapy is a place for you. You can bring your own items to break or destroy. Like that picture of your cheating ex and that stuff teddy bear they gave you. Why not post the photo on the target wall and tagged it with a paint ball gun, then put the bear in the industrial size shredder. Or just break some beer bottles against a brick wall (we're into recycling here). Or line up for the bowling ball smasher where you can pick a ceramic item, set it up on a pedestal and fling a bowling bowl attached to a chain (mounted on to the ceiling) and smash the object to pieces.

Still need to vent? Why not sign up for a minute in the sound proof yell room? Before you go in be sure to write what your angry about on the chalk board. A sound meter will rate your decibel level. Highest decibel gets a gift certificate. The options for destroying items is endless and constantly being updated. Bring your friends. Make it a party. Have a theme night (Raider Hater night in KC would be a hit). HR departments could include gift certificates with pink slips.

It's not entirely just about breaking stuff. It's a safe outlet for getting out aggression. Smash Therapy also provides information on real therapists and access to help lines. Scented candles, soothing oils, books, tapes, you name it are also available. The goal of Smash Therapy is to bring in angry customers and send them away knowing they were able to go to a place to safely vent their frustrations.

All this can be yours should you choose to implement it for the low, low, price of: give credit to Dan and the 1%/1% deal stated in earlier posts (to be referred to from this point as the "One for me/One for charity" arrangement).

Oh, some possible tag lines "Go Break Something Today", "Da, da, da, ta, da...I'm breaking it!", "Get Smashed", "Smashing Baby. Simply Smashing!"


Steve said...

This is brilliant on so many levels.
Smashing, baby, smashing!

Laura said...

So this is completely unrelated to your post... but I'm super excited for this new family member's arrival! I hear word that the time may be near! Keep me updated! I plan on driving down to meet this new beautiful baby... You can't keep me away!

Anonymous said...

I was actually just looking online to find a service that does this. So here's confirmation you will have one smashing customer.

My first item to smash will be the plates my soon to be ex mother in law bought us for our wedding.

dhduff said...

Well, I'm sorry that your going to have an ex mother in law soon. But glad to know there is at least one real customer out there for this idea. Given that we are now "officially" in a recession and unemployment is rising this is a business that could thrive in the right location. Would likely need to be in a big metro area, though. I don't think it would do well in Springfield.

Anonymous said...

Dude I so need this place. I heard there is a place somewhere in the U.S. but not in my local area. I would come. I soon will have "EX" stuff that I would bring to smash. Just to bad I already gave him back his big t.v. w/surround sound. Sometimes being the bigger, better person sucks!!!!