Wednesday, September 27, 2006

She Huffed And She Puffed And...

she signed an eviction notice. Apparently that wasn't enough so the landlord, Mary Duff, called in the elite squads of Epi and Dural to complete the job. Together they calmed things down enough so that the two parties could work out an agreement.

After a twenty hour stand-off that started Tuesday evening Baby Duff #3 was ousted forcibly from her home Wednesday evening at 5:25 PM. A little worn out from the confrontation the baby's first words were "waaa!"

The squatter was later officially identified as one Margaret Ellen Duff, aka Maggie Duff. Weighing in at 7.6 lbs and a mere 18.9 inches, the landlord was please at the ease and quickness of the enforcement of the eviction once papers were officially served.

Big sisters Hannah and Grace have met Maggie and agree that she is "cute" and "little" and have invited Maggie to live with them until she is old enough to attend college or they fight over Barbie dolls. That will occur soon, but for now Ms. Duff is in custody at a local Medical Center for physical and psychological examination after her ordeal. She is slated to be released with the next 24 hours if all things check out okay.

Mary Duff stunned her real estate investment partner Dan Duff by announcing that given the right circumstances she might consider renting the space again. Dan Duff did not immediately respond, but later issued a statement stating that "while my wife has good intentions, we are going to wait until the medication wears off before making any further decisions on renting to new tenants".


Gator said...

Ha! Ha! Very clever.

Welcome Maggie! And congrats to you Dan and Mary and of course to Grace and Hannah too. I can't wait to meet the newest addition to your family!

Jeff Risley said...

Congratulations Dan. It always makes me happy to see new people added to the planet when they're born to such good people. Makes you have hope for the future.

dhduff said...

Thanks Julie! Thanks Jeff! We couldn't be more thrilled to have another baby girl join the family...that makes three now. Even though I love 'em to bits, I've asked Mary to start planning on how she's going to get them all on the same cycle eventually. I'm already planning my trips those weeks!