Saturday, December 10, 2005

"Girly Shopping"

The local school district cancelled classes on Friday, so Hannah and I got to spend some quality time together all day. We went to get some "cheesy egg bagels" for breakfast at Einstein Brother's Bagels in Prairie Village. While we were eating Hannah suggested that since we had the day to spend together that she wanted me to take her "girly shopping".

I asked her if we could do some other kind of shopping, since "girly shopping" sounded to me like "girly shopping". No such luck. She suggested that we get her some water proof mittens (pink or purple with some girly design on them) and maybe a dress or two and some girly toys.

We found her some gloves. They were purple and very girly. I escaped without having to help her try on dresses or buy any girly toys. She was happy. In the end that's all that matters right? Dad and daughter bonding over decisions of which is better - pink or purple?

I asked her if we could go "manly shopping" sometime. She said no, just "girly shopping". I hope this is just a phase. I miss going to Home Depot. They sell girly gloves there don't they?

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