Sunday, December 11, 2005

Translation Please?

Part of the bedtime routine we have established for the girls includes a bedtime story. Each girl picks out a book and either Mary or I will read it to them.

Tonight Grace picked out a book titled "My First 500 Spanish Words - Mis Primeras 500 palabras en espanol". It was a gift from her Aunt Ann who lives in El Paso.

We're up for the girls learning Spanish, so we read a few pages. On page four there was a picture of a boy in a swimsuit with arrows pointing to various body parts and words in English and Spanish describing the body part. We learned nose=nariz, foot=pie, eye=ojo, and a few more. Grace would point to the body part and Mary would read both the English and Spanish word.

Hannah was listening while she danced around the room. She dances a lot. She interrupted the lesson to ask "do you know the Spanish word for vagina?" Without hesitation, Mary said "actually, yes, I do know the Spanish word for vagina. It is "vagina".

Next summer Mary and I are going to France for ten days. I wonder if Hannah will ask us when we get back home if we know how to say vagina in French.

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