Monday, December 05, 2005

Gracie's Purple Birthday

Friday was Gracie's birthday. She turned three years old. For the past year all she has talked about was her "purple birthday". Neither Mary nor I knew where this came from. We had never heard of a purple birthday before. Did she get it from watching Dora or Arthur? From a friend at her daycare?

While we had no clue where this purple birthday idea had come from, Gracie was clear. She was going to have a purple birthday. What made it really cute was that she can't really say the word "purple" very well. It comes out something close to "Pupple" or "puppa". Either way she knew what she wanted and we, as the good parents we try to be, were going to deliver.

So we went all out. We had a purple table cloth, purple ballons, purple streamers, purple plates, purple cups and a purple Care Bear cake that Mary made for her. Everything was purple - even the invitations. Gracie was getting her purple birthday.

We set up the house the night before so that when she woke up on the day of her party she would see all the things purple we had set up. After putting the finishing touches on the cake and taping up the last purple balloon it dawned on me. Did we hear her correctly? Was it really a "purple birthday" she wanted? What if she had been saying something else the whole time? What if what she really wanted was a "turtle" birthday or something else we couldn't decipher? We chuckled at the thought and then decided that it was too late in the game to make any changes. She was getting a purple birthday.

It turned out just perfect. Gracie woke up Saturday morning and walked into the living room where she saw her decorations and exclaimed "Oh my gosh! This is my best birthday ever!"

Mission accomplished. Now all we have to do is figure out what kind of birthday she wants next year. Maybe a Mauve birthday?

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